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EncroChat protects conversations with the following four tenets

Perfect Forward Secrecy

Each message session with each contact is encrypted with a different set of keys. If any given key is ever compromised, it will never result in the compromise of previously transmitted messages – or even passive observation of future messages.


Anyone can forge messages after a conversation is complete to make them look like they came from you. However, during a conversation the recipient is assured all messages received are authentic and unmodified. This assures non-reputability of messages.

Encryption Strength

The algorithms employed are many times stronger than that of PGP (RSA+AES). We employ algorithms from different families of mathematics, which protects message content in the event that one encryption algorithm is ever solved.

Repudiable Authentication

Messages do not employ digital signatures that provide third party proofs. However, you are still assured you are messaging with whom you think you are


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