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Frequently Asked Questions

For price information reach out to us through online chat (which you can find bottom right side) or send us a regular or pgp email to or call us.
There is a guide app on the phone with explanation regarding the use of the phone.
Our servers are node based and located all over the world; all input and output are true end-to-end encrypted. The Servers only initiate the tunnel.
For information about pricing please get in touch with us.
We don’t use policies. We cut really in person hardware components like two cameras, two microphones and the gps receiver off the phone.
We and our partners have a lot of labels and websites. Mentioned websites belongs to EncroChat.
Android PGP may be good only if you can isolate the used apps on the phone from every other potential tamper. Our phone is not just an stock android phone with some apps on it. There are many solutions as mentioned but our solution is really one of a kind. It’s an outthought system!
The pgp domain names are for everyone the same!
We use true PGP implementation with a reversed engineered key-server. We do not rely on third party providers like RIM, Symantec, Exchange or Microsoft servers which have many security exploits.
Our servers are located in countries that lies not on USA or NATO Juristridiction. Our server locations are in countries that are bound to their own local privacy law.
Our phone is developed such a way that no information (encrypted) are stored in cache. Even when you create the keys of the pgpencromail also then it won’t save any info in cache memory
Like e.g. TopPGP, PGPGhost, Skysecure or PublicPGP?? With an EncroChat device you are able to send pgp email to all current pgp providers through the EncroMail app. With the EncroChat App it’s possible to chat with others using the same app which is the EncroChat App on your contacts device. It’s same like you can’t send a text message from whatsapp to viber
An EncroChat device has three apps: • EncroTalk (voice conversation through headset) • EncroChat (instant messaging app (similar to whatsapp) using diffiehellman algorithm )) • EncroMail (real PGP email making use of the PGP protocol). You can use PGP on our devices as we believe that everybody is in a transition phase and switch to EncroChat, we offer this option on our devices on top of EncroChat and EncroTalk
After 6 months you could renew, but if you want to buy a 12 months subscription that is possible also.
You just place an order by mail or call, we send you an invoice, there are different payment methods, we agree on the set up details. After you have paid, we activate the subscription. For time being, some addresses are located in Latin America, Turkey, Netherlands, but there is place to create your own reseller network. Just let us know your ideas and we will be there to support you.


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