The goal of an Encrochat Encrypted Cell Phone is to simplify the process of encryption for the end user. Once the power is on, the device starts to be encrypted. The clients have the facility to negotiate the keys as per their convenience. Additionally, the client can trust on the server as the server does not store or read the user data. Everything is protectedand safe and sound.

Encrochat Guarantees Anonymity

There is no method to associate any device or sim card to the customer account.

Customized Android Platform For Encrochat Users

Fully encrypted from power on. Focus on security and privacy. Simplified user settings.

Dual Operating System (OS)

Users are able to launch either a standard Android OS or the EncroChat OS.

Encrochat Encrypted Cell Phone Work With Over-The-Air (OTA) Service

Enhancements, patches, and features can be securely added directly to the Android operating system.

Industry Leading Hardware

The goal of Encrochat encrypted cell phones is to maintain security. Encrochat cell phones are customized in order to improve user security. The camera, microphone, and GPS could be removed for better security.

Encrochat Encrypted Global Services

The product is global and more than 120 countries Sims are protected. Additionally, Quadband GSM, UMTS and CDMA are also supported.

Secure Boot

When your Encrochat encrypted cell phone is booted, the system carries out an internal check in case if there has been a tampering in the device. If found any tampering, then the device becomes locked.

Field Factory Restore

A user can now securely wipe subscriber device and rebuild it in the field.

Self-destructive message

The user has the option to delete their message from other user device due to our advance burn function. This is done by a timer count down.

Panic Wipe

The device data can wipe off from a screen lock by typing in the secret PIN..

Password Wipe

After a set amount of password attempts on device all data is wiped.

Simple verification of contacts

The Notary verification process facilitates end user encryption

Updates & Live Support

The system applications regularly updates itself directly. Includes live support also.

Encrochat Encrypted Cell Phones Are Tamper Proof

Attack surfaces such as ADB connectivity and recovery mode have been removed.

EncroChat Messaging Protocol

This is equal to the conversation between two individuals in an empty room. This protocol offered by us is very different and useful as compared to the competitors. We offer future secrecy to the client so that they remain satisfied.

Hardware Cryptographic Engine (FIPS 140-2 Certified)

An EncroChat Encrypted Mobile Phone device cannot be brute forced to mount the encrypted data partition. Encrochat encrypted devices generate an RSA public and private key-pair. With mentioned public key portion your disk encryption passphrase is being combined. Without the private key, which is in a hardware backed keystore, you won’t be able to mount the encrypted data partition.


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